A discussion on the dangers of texting and driving

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A discussion on the dangers of texting and driving

Perhaps the most convincing argument, however, is the data which has been collected through studies and surveys on the dangers of texting while driving. Part of a Larger Problem While the government and other entities do track texting and driving statistics specifically to some extent, this behind-the-wheel behavior is also considered one element in a set of behaviors known as distracted driving.

Other distracted driving activities include eating, using a GPS, and fiddling with a radio. Experts, however, consider the dangers of texting and driving to be the most detrimental to motorist safety because it causes all three types of distractions defined by the CDC: Visual - taking your eyes off the road Manual - taking your hand s off the wheel Cognitive - taking your mind off driving These three factors work in concert to create a potentially devastating situation for drivers, passengers, other motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

If you injure someone as a result of distracted driving, you not only could hurt or kill someone or yourself, you could also end up in court on charges of driver negligence. National Safety Council people were killed in distraction-related car crashes in This is because determining the cause of a car accident is not an exact science.

It relies upon the presence of eyewitnesses, along with a hefty dose of guesswork. The NSC believes that this causes the number to be heavily under-reported. Distracted Driving Facts and Statistics Sometimes the most revealing information is provided by drivers themselves.

Each year State Farm conducts a Distracted Driver Surveywhich assesses driving behaviors and attitudes directly from the source. According to the survey, drivers admit to the following dangerous distracted driving activities: The large jump in accessing the internet while driving is thought to be attributable in part to the increase in smartphone ownership over the past several years.

Americans have become accustomed to staying connected literally every minute of the day, and unfortunately, this often includes while operating a vehicle. Reaction Time Car and Driver Magazine put texting and driving to a real-life test. They enlisted two interns to enact a series of scenarios, including texting with two hands while driving, and becoming intoxicated with alcohol until reaching the legal limit of.

The results were shocking, yet not a huge surprise. One of the interns had a reaction time - while texting - of very similar to his baseline reaction time measured under normal driving conditions.

The other, however, had a reaction time triple his baseline while texting in the driver seat. Add in two-handed typing and the interns began drifting across lanes - a severe threat to public safety, particularly when driving on a two-lane road.

When it came time to climb behind the wheel while intoxicated, both interns had better reaction times as drunk drivers than while texting - sober - in the driver seat. Teens and Texting and Driving One of the most alarming aspects of distracted driving is how prevalent it is among teenagers.

This group is particularly vulnerable to the effects of texting and driving for a couple of reasons.

A discussion on the dangers of texting and driving

Secondly, as a Common Sense Media poll showed, half of the teens consider themselves to be suffering from smartphone addiction. This is a deadly combination - literally - given that motor vehicle accidents are the leading killer of American teenagers.

Just how bad is this problem? Here are some statistics on teens and distracted driving: Texting while driving is four times more common than drinking and driving among teens. AAA Foundation This is clearly a major concern for parents, as well as an alarming traffic safety risk to everyone else sharing the road with novice drivers.

For more information on impaired driving, check out the CDC article. For tips and strategies on how to break cell phone addiction, head over here. Texting and Driving Laws There are no federal laws regarding sending or reading text messages while driving.

There are 46 states with a blanket texting ban on all drivers. Many of these states have also enacted laws prohibiting new driver license holders, as well as bus drivers, from using a handheld cell phone or hands-free device.

States without a texting ban on all drivers: Arizona Montana Texas Of the 46 states with a statewide ban, all but five states have primary enforcement. Primary enforcement allows an officer to issue a ticket regardless of whether another offense has been committed. Secondary enforcement means that a ticket can only be issued if the driver has already been pulled over for another offense.

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States with secondary texting ban enforcement:Your browser is out-of-date! It has known security flaws and may not display all features of this and other ashio-midori.com how ×.

Last updated: September 6, Distracted driving news: Legislation seeking to dump Florida’s restriction on enforcement of its texting & driving law was approved by the House but died in the Senate.

On March 1, the full House approved HB With time running out on the session, however, Senate Appropriations Chairman Rob Bradley refused to let texting legislation appear . Still, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, driver distraction (code for texting while driving) is the cause of 18 .

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News about distracted driving laws in Texas. The Texas texting & driving law is now in effect. Fines: $25 to $99 for a first offense, then $ to $

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