Chapter summaries happiest refugee essay

I always considered my father--I speak of him in the past tense, because we are now separated for ever; because he is henceforth as dead to me as if the grave had closed over him--I always considered my father to be the proudest man I ever knew; the proudest man I ever heard of. His was not that conventional pride, which the popular notions are fond of characterising by a stiff, stately carriage; by a rigid expression of features; by a hard, severe intonation of voice; by set speeches of contempt for poverty and rags, and rhapsodical braggadocio about rank and breeding.

Chapter summaries happiest refugee essay

Proudly created with Wix. Because of this, Do had a harrowing childhood, but this did not result in him becoming fatalistic. This essay will emphasise the qualities that have allowed him to not only survive adversity but, in the process, become a notable Australian entertainer.

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These traits include his positive attitude; his exceptional resilience; his distinctive performance as a comedian; his humour and refusal to play the role of victim; his lack of self-pity, and, perhaps most of all, his ability to adapt to ever-changing situations.

They were forced to flee their beloved home country, Vietnam, when Do was only two and a half. On the way, they were attacked by two vicious bands of pirates who took everything they had.

They stayed at a refugee camp in Pulao Bidong, Malaysia, for three months before Do and his family were offered sanctuary in Australia. Perhaps one of the most striking first impressions one gets of Anh Do is his positive attitude.

During his school years, a few teachers noticed that he was struggling with his school work. This was due to impoverished circumstances. They even suggested charity, but he refused to play the victim. He was - and still is - always joyful and his optimistic personality has seen him through his high school years with a degree of lightness and fun.

Another example of his sanguine approach is when he did his worst gig. He was to do a gig at a place for veterans of war. Seeing as Do was Vietnamese himself, he was in an especially awkward position. Many people in his predicament would have turned tail and fled, but Do was confident and went ahead with his planned show, eventually winning the battle-hardened men over.

Anh Do has a quality that many people have come to see as a crucial life skill. Despite having gone through such an upsetting event, Do is surprisingly optimistic about life.

He became the man of the house, as his brother was quite a bit younger than him, and had to support his family. Suddenly, a burden of responsibility was set upon him. This resilience helps him through all areas of his life though, not just his personal life, but also his work life.

The winning prize was five thousand dollars cash, and Do was voted winner by the audience. Do hired a producer, Brendan, and his stand-up comedy was really starting to flourish at this point. Anh Do has had a life filled with difficulties and obstacles that would defeat an ordinary person. This is why he is so notable.

He has kept up his positive attitude and resilience all throughout his adulthood. He has become a well-loved Vietnamese-born Australian entertainer.Write a Brief Essay (of Approximately Words) to Comment on the Two Female Protagonists’ (Nora Helmer and Blanche Islamic State Coca Cola/Pepsico Strategy Analysis.

Chapter 1 Summary He likes his family very much and it is about how his parents met during the aftermath of the Vietnam war in The setting starts on a train where Anh's mother is wondering up and down the train selling her goods.

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Chapter summaries happiest refugee essay

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The Vietnamese Refugee Crisis Chapter Summaries. The Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter Latest activity.

Chapter summaries happiest refugee essay

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