Continuity business plan example

Once you have developed your business continuity plan, or BCP, it is just as important to test your plan.

Continuity business plan example

A BC plan lists the procedures a company follows to get back on its feet after the worst happens, covering processes, assets, human resources, business partners and more. A BC plan is quite involved and features input from every department in the organization. Have a chat with the people who depend on you to keep the network running.

Start by asking questions at every level of the company to find out what systems are most important to maintain during any type of outage. Ask, "What systems can you absolutely not go without? Know exactly what you need to protect and replace. Next rank how critical every piece of equipment would be if it were to go down by assigning values to each item.

The number of values assigned can depend on infrastructure complexity. Others rank from 1 to 10 or use a color-coding scheme.

Pick one that works best for your team and network. Document how the network is configured so that it can be replicated. Implement either high-availability HA or quick-recovery technologies such as replication or clustering for critical apps either between multiple office locations or to an offsite provider.

Every disaster is different. Identify disaster types and assign rough response times for each step of the recovery. But physical damage to a network due to hurricane flood waters could take days or longer to address.

continuity business plan example

Record every vendor you work with currently as well as the customer service information for your network hardware. Make sure the list is easily accessible during an emergency.

Everyone on the IT and HR teams should have a copy. Keep an additional copy offsite as well. Back up both the server itself and, ideally, specialist applications such as Exchange separately.

Switch ON to Eaton.

Refrain from tape backups; power management software allows for graceful shutdown to local disk-based storage and has tools to migrate live workloads into cloud-hosted backup environments. The key is to assure that stored data is not associated with your physical places of work because you may need that data to create temporary IT networks.

Prepare to work out of temporary structures should main places of business require restoration. Explore as many off-site options as possible and have hardware at the ready, even if from third-party providers.

Critical to the plan is the transportation of hardware and personnel to temporary networks.Tip: Keep in mind that this business continuity plan sample is just an example.

No two plans are exactly the same, and the scope will vary by business and industry. No two plans are exactly the same, and the scope will vary by business and industry. As part of its business continuity plan, While the initial WAN problem was minimal, this is a good example of a company that is planning ahead to prevent a worst-case scenario.

4) German telecom giant rapidly restores service after fire 4 Real-Life Business Continuity Examples You’ll Want to . Department Continuity of Operations Plan Template For Department Use *Previously Named Business Continuity Plan Template.

College/Division Name: Template ensures compliance with. MAPP , Business Continuity Planning, Department Leadership Succession (Chain of Command): Name and title of primary, secondary and tertiary leader for. A business continuity plan to continue business is essential.

Development of a business continuity plan includes four steps: For example, if a machine fails but other machines are readily available to make up lost production, then there is no resource gap.

However, if all machines are lost due to a flood, and insufficient undamaged. Business continuity plan offers Business Continuity Plan Template, Sample, Example and methods. Business Continuity Plan is one of the imperative elements of businesses that are extremely susceptible to external factors which might impact the business in significant way.

Being a manager of critical unit or department within your organization, it becomes very essential for you to recognize how. • Ensuring the Business Continuity Plan is regularly tested on an enterprise-wide basis • Reviewing the Business Continuity Plan testing program and test results on a regular basis • Ensuring the Business Continuity Plan is continually updated to reflect the current operating environment.


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