Continuous and comprehensive evaluation in mizoram

There are two different types of tests. Namely, the formative and the summative. Formative tests will comprise the student's work at class and home, the student's performance in oral tests and quizzes and the quality of the projects or assignments submitted by the child. In some schools, an additional written test is conducted instead of multiple oral tests.

Continuous and comprehensive evaluation in mizoram

For more information on programme curriculum download the programme brochure Choice of Electives is made available to enrolled students at the beginning of each semester. A limited selection of Electives will be offered at the discretion of the Institute. These lectures can be attended via the internet using a computer from any location.

These online classrooms offer similar levels of interactivity as regular classrooms at the BITS Pilani campus. Classes for students admitted during the period May-June will begin during July The class schedule is announced within 1 week of completion of the admission process.

The online lectures are conducted usually over weekends for a total of hours per week.

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If you miss a lecture, you can also access the recorded lecture on the internet. This is achieved through: Case Studies and Assignments: The fourth semester offers an opportunity for learners to apply their knowledge gained during the programme to a real-world like complex project.

The learner is expected to demonstrate understanding of vital principles learnt across semesters and their ability to successfully apply these concepts Eligibility Criteria Minimum eligibility to apply: Working professionals holding B.

The programme is designed for highly driven and ambitious engineers who wish to acquire contemporary and emerging knowledge and skills for managing operations and manufacturing organizations.

Experienced engineers who want to advance their career and take up leadership roles in Operations and Manufacturing, or work as Operations and Manufacturing consultants should consider applying to this programme.

Fee Structure The following fees schedule is applicable for candidates seeking new admission during the academic year Application Fees one time: INR 1, Admission Fees one time: INR 16, Semester Fees per semester: Admission Fee one-time and Semester Fee for the First Semester are to be paid together once admission is offered to the candidate.

Thus, a candidate who has been offered admission will have to pay Rs. Fee payment by easy-EMIs is now available.

Continuous and comprehensive evaluation in mizoram

Click here to learn more Semester Fee for subsequent semesters will only be payable later, i. For the examination centre at Dubai, in addition to the semester fees, for each semester there will be an examination centre fees of UAE Dirhams or equivalent per semester out of which UAE Dirhams is to be paid at the time of appearing in Mid-semester examinations at Dubai Centre for that semester and the remaining UAE Dirhams is to be paid at the time of appearing in comprehensive examinations at Dubai centre for that semester All the above fees are non-refundable.

Link to the Online Application Center will become accessible when admissions are announced. Create your login at the Online Application Center by entering your unique Email ID and create a password of your choice.

Once your login has been created, you can anytime access the Online Application Center using your email ID and password. Once you have logged in, you will see a screen showing 4 essential steps to be completed to apply for the programme of your choice.

This will enable you to select the programme of your choice.Continuous Improvement program & Organizational Culture A-1 Introduction The continuous improvement program or continuous improvement process is an effort to facilitate coordination of district planning and to streamline communication between state and local education agencies.

Programme Evaluation of CCE Chattisgarh and Mizoram for their contribution through the participation in different meetings.

Continuous and comprehensive evaluation in mizoram

We are extremely thankful to, Dr. Robyn and Ms. Parul from TSA for Continuous, Comprehensive and Evaluation are used with different connotations in various documents and schemes available in the field.

- Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation System for Grade- I to Grade- VIII.- Various facilities for first hand experiences and other co-curricular activities are provided for the holistic and overall development of the children.

These activities are not merely sources of but also inculcate values in the student. Continuous comprehensive Evaluation should be carried out in relation to learners’ cognitive, affective and psycho-motor growth.

Cognitive growth refers to the intellectual development of learners (such as learners’ knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation). All India Secondary School Examination (also known as AISSE) is a centralized public examination that students (belonging to CBSE-Affiliated schools) in India take after class The Central Board of Secondary Education conducts the AISSE during the period of February every year even after implementing the ambitious project of CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation.).

Continuous and comprehensive evaluation was a process of assessment, mandated by the Right to Education Act, of India. This approach to assessment has been introduced by state governments in India, as well as by the Central Board of Secondary Education in India, for students of sixth to tenth grades and twelfth in some schools.

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