Essay on growing population in india

Select Page Population Growth Essay In this 21st century the World is facing a major problem of overpopulation which has become equivalent to global crisis now. Birth rate is consistently increasing resulting in a drain of resources as there is an increase in demand. This issue is as serious as some other global issue, but for any problem there is a solution.

Essay on growing population in india

Sample essay on Growth of Population in India

Sample essay on Growth of Population in India K. On an average it has been increasing at a growth rate of 1. Thence onward up to the population growth rate was very slow varying between 0. During tothe population of India increased from million to million.

Thus a population of million was added in a period of thirty years showing an increase of During these thirty years the average annual growth rate of population was 1. This was due to control over epidemics and famines owing to improvement in sanitation and medical facilities, food production and transport and communication system.

Thus, the steady increase in population during was the outcome of a sharp decline in the mortality rate, while the fertility rate still remained high around 40 per thousand.

Sample essay on Growth of Population in India

The year is also significant for launching the first census and the first Five Year Plan of the independent India. It has increased from million in to million inexhibiting an increase of The peak growth rate There has been negligible fall in growth rate since Although the inter-censual decade added million people, which was about 28 million more than the addition during the previous decade ofyet in terms of percentage increase the decade of 91 recorded a growth of This trend is continuing as is evidenced by the recently held census which recorded a decadal growth rate of The percentage of population in the reproductive age group has also bet M increasing as a consequence of high birth rate an increasing life expectancy at birth.

Rural and urban areas in the country shown wide disparity in their growth rates. Dunri the inter-censual period of while the rut I population increased by about This is putting enormous presser I on the land resources.

The increasing rural unemployment, poverty, deprivation, social tension out-migration are alarming signs of the problem. The out migration from rural areas is leading crowding of the urban centre, particularly the industrial centers.

This is being manifested in planned urban growth, extension of slum areas and pollution hazards. There are as many as 16 states where the decline has been more than the national average of 2. Other five states Rajasthan, Punjab, Jharkhand, Jammu and Kashmir and Goa have their decline more than the national average.

However, during5 out of 7 union territories recorded a decline in their growth rate in comparison to the previous decade. These include Andaman and Nicobar islands At the district level, it is significant to note that about 10 per cent districts 58 in the country recorded a growth of less than 10 per cent in their population.

Tamil Nadu with 20 such districts was far ahead of other states in this regard, followed by Kerala 11Andhra Pradesh 5Karnataka 4Maharashtra 3Uttaranchal 3and Delhi 2. Similarly there are 19 districts in the country in which the growth rate of population has been more than 50 per cent.

During Nagaland has recorded the highest growth rate of population followed by Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Daman and Diu, Delhi and Chandigarh above 40 per cent. As many as 15 states and all the 5 union territories have observed higher growth rate during this period than the national average Such projection is very useful for planning.

At this rate India will reach a population of million by the year and million by the year Since majority of these projections are based on the current rate of fertility and mortality there is greater possibility of error in prediction.Population explosion is the most serious problem facing our country today.

With 16 per cent of the world’s population, India is toady the second largest populations’ country in the world. As on March , when the last census was conducted, the country’s population stood at million.

The Population Growth Rate In India Essays - The Population Growth Rate in India For many years concern has been voiced over the seemingly unchecked rate of population growth in India, but the most recent indications are that some success is being achieved in slowing the rate of population growth.

Introduction: The rising population of India is one of the major problems of the country. The present population of India consists of over billion people.

Essay on growing population in india

The big population of India undoubtedly provides large work-force resources which, if properly utilized, can highly advance the economic prosperity of the country.

Mar 15,  · Increased Innovation: The growing population demands new technologies and facilities, hence encouraging the innovation. Interesting Features of Population in India. India occupies % of the world’s land area but supports over 18% of the world’s population/5(4).

India's population is characterised by high growth rate. On an average it has been increasing at a growth rate of per cent per annum against per cent per .

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Essay on the population growth in India. The growing population is posing a great threat to the world. It is therefore, necessary that effective steps are taken to control population. The main reasons for population growth in India – .

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