Harriets hats

Visitor from the Newcastle H3 received a down down. Gary, who only drinks Lager, hopefully will see this as an honour. In anycase, the thief could not live with the guilt and decided to return the purse to her whilst in Germany without her knowing. Also a warm bottle of Newcastle Brown was donated to the hash and we were all forced to drink some of this in the circle, obvioulsy pay back time.

Harriets hats

Since we book so far in advance, if you would like to stay here, check out our other listing, the Hummingbird Haven: We have been listing with airbnb since July '09 and have had the most reservations of any of their listings!

But you've got to Harriets hats ahead if you want to stay here. We have 10 acres next to land without fences so you will get to enjoy nature: To check our availability, click on the "Request to Book" link. And yes, if it isn't available, it is already booked!

If you want to stay here on a weekend, you will usually need to make your reservation request about months in Harriets hats. Please read all of this description before making a reservation request. The cozy and clean semi-rustic cabin has a loft under a geodesic dome the "mushroom cap".

In the loft is a Queen-sized super popular Casper Mattress which allows for very comfortable sleeping and just hanging out. We provide clean sheets and pillow cases.

Plenty of blankets are also provided. The other "bed" is a couch that we can make up into a bed. We have over 80 movies you can view as well. On the main floor a Pentagon is the couch and a pull-out table. Yes, we have a wine opener.

We have 2 tables where you can enjoy meals, games, etc.: We also have a barbecue grill on the deck with an extra gas burner on the side. We provide Organic Coffee, teas, Oatmeal, popcorn, butter, honey, sugar, nutritional yeast for the popcorn! Our well water is treated by an ozonator, a UV light and a soft water filter.


If you have a baby and you won't be needing the second bed, make your reservation for 2 and let us know if you will need a small pad for the loft. Again, if there are 2 of you but you want to use the second bed, please make your reservation for 3.

The cute bathroom has a Travertine shower, custom tiled sink and a Natures Head self-contained composting toilet. Some guests have had a problem with our bathroom, so I want to make it clear that we have a curtain for the door to the bathroom and we require that you put your used toilet paper in the trash.

If the thought of using a composting toilet grosses you out, then don't make a reservation here. If you are over 6' you may have to do a little ducking here and there. As Saturdays are very much in demand, and we like to be free on Saturdayswe require a minimum 2 day stay on the weekends.

On 3 day holidays, we require a 3 day reservation. King day, and Labor Day. But to stay here on a weekend, you will usually have to book the cabin 6 - 8 months in advance - unless you are lucky to find a cancellation! Check-in time is between 4 and 10pm. If you want to come sooner or later, this can sometimes be arranged.

Check-out time is noon. Although it feels very isolated here, we are less than 10 minutes to Aptos Village where you will find stores, restaurants, a health food store, Safeway, etc.

We are centrally located on the Monterey Bay: We are 20 minutes to downtown Santa Cruz, 25 min. Yup, we are located in one of the most beautiful areas of California.

Our garden is the year-round home to many Anna Hummingbirds. We usually have about year-round During the summer, we are also called home by many Rufus and Allen Hummers as well. So you have got to see our "Hummingbird Airport" where we feed them about oz. Please, no smoking in the cabin or on the property.

We used to let smokers stay here, but they stink up the cabin and it is a fire hazard outside. Some cell phones don't work here, but since we have free wifi in the cabin, if your phone works with a wifi network, you are good to call.Answer to Harriet's Hat ProjectPlease help me complete all the quesions include the T account.

Appreciate it. Harriet Rosebud Hats. Get In Touch. Contact us: [email protected] Facebook: harrietrosebudhats. This enjoyable story is narrated with two-word phrases that qualify the hats that the bear tries on.

Harriets hats

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