How to write a nomination speech sample

This is an election speech I'm making for sophomore class president. I took my name out for privacy purposes.

How to write a nomination speech sample

My name is Meghan Barrios, and I believe that I am that type of person and I am ready to step into that position, to serve as your Student Government President. This year particularly I have been able to be a part of dialogue with the administration about issues and strongly believe that I am bringing that experience with me.

It was the ideas and concerns of students that were heard that helped to make our new campus center possible. I want to be the one that continues to insure that all of the ideas of the students are heard. But this is an issue of great concern and I intend to work to get it resolved.

Concerns about security is something that is constantly brought up to Student Government. I strongly believe that we are making headway in resolving some of these concerns, but I believe that there is still more to accomplish; and I intend to see that it will be.

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That is why one of my goals is to continue to increase the involvement the student body has with student government. I feel that each of the other three candidates, along with myself, believe that we have the desire, motivation and drive to serve the students at this campus. We are willing to put our all into our positions and each task that is put in front of us.

Yes, we are all running uncontested; but we still need you to give us your validation and support by voting so that together we can continue in accomplishing what we have already started.

Thank you all for your time, and I encourage all of you to exercise your right to vote this week and in the upcoming class elections.

Before I tell you why I feel I have the qualifications for the position, I would like to share a little bit more about myself with you all. I like to think of myself as an honest hardworking individual that would do whatever it takes to complete a job successfully and on time. The reason I am making the jump to the executive board is that I am looking for a bigger challenge.

how to write a nomination speech sample

I feel that the role of Student Government Vice President would be something that I would have to work hard at in order to do a successful job and I know that I can do a successful job. I know this because of my current roles in other activities on campus.

I feel that these positions and leadership conferences have helped me to gain a sense of what it takes to be a leader on this campus and in society. If elected, I plan to put these leadership qualities to work as best I can. This includes attending various meetings throughout campus and relaying the information shared at these meetings to the rest of the student board and student body.

I also plan to use these qualities to create new ideas in which the student government and student body could discuss in order to benefit the campus as a whole.

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This is the whole reason why the Student Government is here, to help make the campus a better place for students, and to help make your time here more enjoyable.If you are a teacher searching for educational material, please visit PBS LearningMedia for a wide range of free digital resources spanning preschool through 12th grade.

The victory speech is an opportunity to acknowledge the things about your opponent that you like. Where you share the same values, mention them. Acknowledge their service and their willingness to put themselves forward as someone ready to serve the people.

how to write a nomination speech sample

She has organized letter-writing campaigns on behalf of funding for food banks targeting state and federal government officials. She has walked in JCU’s Footprints for Fatima 5K and advertised and volunteered with JCU’s summer lunch program partnership with the Jewish Federation of Cleveland.

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