Managing marketing in primark

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Managing marketing in primark

Market Share of Primark Source: Barker and Chitty,pp Innovative Promotion activities: Innovative way to promote the products is one of the major opportunities for the Primark.

Company saves lots of advertising cost by no commercial in TV, magazines and newspaper. Company uses lots of its customer base by word of mouth. Systematic risk and return: Systematic risks are one of the major risks which can affect due to external nature of business environment.

Primark advertising campaign is basically depend upon the WOMO which can go negative way too Beamish and Ashford, After the Rana plaza case where most of the worker were dead because of Managing marketing in primark building has been fell down was one of the major external influence which has affected the company goodwill for a long term.

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However, here company has able to gain the large profitability because of manufacturing its products in Bangladesh where labour and clothing are cheaper. Cost risk is associated with the various forms of the marketing tactics which can go against the company performance.

Cost risk can decrease the company profitability which directly affects financial health. Here the return is higher as the TV commercial is watched by more than 17 million viewers daily and ambient in highways and retail stores would increase the product awareness among the shoppers.

Website development would increase the company profitability by more than Since the Primark is known for selling cheaper products which could have been one of the major drawbacks for the company in long run as the people of UK ad Europe are very much fashion and quality conscious Boone and Kurtz, The demand risk can be very much decisive as because company has make changes as per the desire of the consumers wants.

For instance demand for jeans has been deceased from because of line of chinos came into the fashion.

Managing Marketing in Primark -

One of the major return would be for the company in this case would be go as per the changing trend of fashion. SO of Primark Source: Kerzner,pp Strengths: During the financial turmoil of only Primark has able to gain the profitability in compare to its competitors because of its pricing strategies in online shopping too Finish, The social media platform like Face book, twitter and YouTube fan page would gain create Primark brand awareness among the consumer which will help the company to retail the potential customer for the company.

Apart from these, expansion in BRIC nations like India and China would increase the company customer because the pole in these nations are very much price sensitive Glynn, Primark is known for its changing fashion trends with every month. Primark has introduced various products and simultaneously extinct the products by innovating it.

PLC curve for the Primark products Source: Company uses economic pricing strategies to gain the large customer across UK and Europe. Pricing strategy of Primark Source: Everyone in UK and EU are very much concern about clothing quality, comfort and style all of these are missing in the Primark products Brodie et al.

Primark stores are usually located in the outback areas of the city. For instance it is generally not located in high street market instead it is located in cheaper and newly areas where there are few customers and because of low rent Coviello and Winklhofer, Promotional strategies of Primark.As leaders in brand and retail display, TPS Visual Communications aim to provide cutting-edge design solutions across the board.

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Social media marketing is one of the most influential marketing strategies which killing the customer for Primark (Greenley and Bayus, ). With social media Fan page like Face book and Twitter along with Google + are the new trends in marketing that help the business to create high brand value/5(14K).

If you’re as fierce as Tyra Banks, know your Prada from your Primark and know what’s bang on trend in every season, then a career in fashion retail is right up your catwalk.

Managing marketing in primark

Ok you might not be working at London’s Fashion Week or partying with designers, but you’ll still get to work surrounded by clothes and accessories which is close enough.

Lorraine Larkin is an award winning publicist and marketer with almost 10 years’ experience delivering effective traditional and digital communications strategies to a wide range of audiences.

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