Offshore outsourcing a swot analysis of

Moreover, the report also shows the growth trajectory of each of the sections, global as well as in each of the regional segments, representing a descriptive analysis of the overall industry.

Offshore outsourcing a swot analysis of

Swot analysis for geoit services pvt. In India small and medium enterprises SMEs are facing a different scenario in comparison to the defensive atmosphere of the past since the economic reforms in Singh, Garg and Deshmukh, The company models in India are changing constantly due to large-scale competition, advancements in technology and the varying requirements of customers.

Therefore, in this competitive world, a leading firm is distinguished from other firms by energetic tactical performance with the factors of modernization, liaison management with market and suppliers, internationalization procedures, capability to systematize and manage business networks Chiarvesio et al.

Offshore outsourcing a swot analysis of

This paper outlines the company profile of Skylabs www. At last, the paper shows some of the recommendations which may help the company to improve in the future.

Offshore outsourcing a swot analysis of

Introduction to the Company: Skylabs is an IT company which is providing enterprise wide software and Geographical Information System GIS solutions consisting of products and services and has a wide range of products such as core GIS products, industry vertical products http: Skylabs was started in March, and is owned by two persons namely Mr.

Santosh Pandey and Mr.

LEGO GROUP: AN OUTSOURCING JOURNEY by Ngoc Trieu on Prezi Magiswary Dorasamy See discussions, stats, and author profiles for this publication at:

Skylabs started the software outsourcing approach in India while keeping in mind the needs of its clients because of facilitating services and extending the resources in the country developing rapidly in the IT sector. And because the business outsourcing is now proved to be effective method overtime it is apparent that Skylabs is learning and moving with the competitive markets.

SWOT analysis of Skylabs: The core business function of Skylabs is the prosperity of knowledge and skills in building world class software services to make certain that it deliver the value constantly. Skylabs make sure that the consumer understands the value of their investments all the way through the life-cycle of the project so it delivers custom projects in small proportions at rational costs.

Let us now look at some of the strengths and weaknesses of Skylabs along with the opportunities it has and the threats it is facing from the outside world to grow in the market: Skylabs involves highly skilled professionals working with cultural ethos to achieve the business objective.

The other important asset of Skylabs is that it is an offshore software development company as mentioned earlier which gives it many benefits such as tax rebates, legal and asset protection, low fees charges from the local jurisdiction, anonymity, financial assistance and less cost of operations Rajkumar and Mani, Skylabs also has an end-user sales control and direction for its clients which helps it deliver right products at the right time with high quality and reliability.

It also enjoys the benefits of superior product performance as compared to the local competitors in the market. In order to deliver the right and durable end product to the customer Skylabs has experienced staff in different high end developments such as Microsoft.

This also helps Skylabs to reach the niche sector of global servicing.

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Skylabs also maintains organized database of its clients through the use of different data analysis and mining techniques so that it can provide its clients with quality solution.

The higher management in Skylabs is highly committed and confident as far as the process orientation in its operations is concerned and provides its staff with updating and leading software process management tools. This also helps Skylabs to develop new products and ideas, for example, real time traffic information system, police control room application system and ambulance dispatch system.

Skylabs has already entered the foreign markets and has clients such as Dubai Technologies, Iris Cabs and it is trying to enter more export markets. It is a small player in today's big business industry which makes it difficult to compete with other big companies.

Though it is a small company and does not has an organizational hierarchy there are some gaps in certain sectors such as decision making, higher level training for employees, etc.

Skylabs also has limited financial budget which makes it less adaptable to the current changing technological trends and also there is no access to the consultancy services. Skylabs is more dependent on its suppliers and partners because it provides the service by integrating the solutions and there is no manufacturing of products.

This sometimes results in low efficiency within the operations because if the engineers will not get the equipments and products in hand, there will be a delay in the solution design of end product.SWOT analysis is a powerful tool available for businesses to gain insights into the major strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing China wants to position itself as the next big destination for large-scale offshore BPO and ITO services.

Many Asia/Pacific enterprises will find its offerings attractive, but China's capability to serve Western enterprises is still in its infancy and should be treated with IS SOURCING OFFSHORE OUTSOURCING: A SWOT ANALYSIS OF A STATE IN INDIA K.G.K.

Nair and P.N. Prasad Global trends indicate that IT spending will increasingly go to offshore solution With its rich experience in offshore services and an enviable talent pool to boot, Here is a SWOT analysis of India: Strengths.

(India was the first to enter the outsourcing and offshoring market). Favourable and supportive policies for offshoring. Through the SWOT analysis process, HR should meet regularly with executives and managers to address the goals of the company and each department to help transforms weaknesses into strengths that support everyone’s goals.

This article demonstrates the use of a SWOT analysis technique for identifying the strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities associated with a potential IT outsourcing location.

The factors assessed include business conditions, physical infrastructure, IT infrastructure, financial institution and government support, and various labor characteristics specific to a region: the state of Kerala in India.

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