Psychosynthesis education

I am on my own path now and loving it. If I can be of any help to the college in the future whether it be through talking either about my time with you or whatever else suits you I will only be too delighted to support the college. I considered the emotional, intellectual, financial and time commitment involved and decided this was a good investment in my future. At the end of year one I am delighted with the course and my progress to date.

Psychosynthesis education

Cultivating Peace, Wisdom, Purpose, Oneness. The Huntington Meditation and Imagery Center, founded inis an international training group. We are dedicated to bringing transpersonal understanding and the transpersonal skills of meditation, imagery, energy and psychosynthesis into the health and helping professions.

Three books for your personal and spiritual development!

Meaning beyond the personality, transpersonal refers to the deeper qualities in human nature — Psychosynthesis education peace, inner wisdom, life purpose and oneness. Often thought of in spiritual or religious terms, these qualities objectively exist in each person without exception regardless of belief or background.

Psychosynthesis education

By knowing how to awaken these qualities in your patients, clients, students, employees, congregants and others who come to you for help, you bring an added healing dimension to your work. Each of our faculty has 40 years of professional clinical experience to enhance your studies with us.

Our typical student is a nurse, physician, psychiatrist, counselor, social worker, psychologist, educator, coach, clergy and others who are seekers intuitively drawn to topics such as meditation, spirituality, energy, healing, human potentials.

The beauty of our transpersonal study together is that you first learn it by experiencing it for yourself.

The consistent feedback we get is that our students enjoy the blend of professional and personal growth. Our students go on to work as transpersonal nurse coaches, transpersonal psychiatrists, transpersonal teachers and other transpersonal-based roles. Please explore the rest of our website for more details.

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Findhorn is a living model for the future. Every year we welcome thousands of fellow-adventurers from all over the world to participate in the workshops, conferences and special events in the calendar below.

"If it comes in time, it is education.

Psychosynthesis education

Psychotherapy brings together the different psychosynthesis centres from around Europe, creating a federation of Psychosynthesis schools and a European community of Psychosynthesis practitioners, promoting and supporting the aims of psychosynthesis.

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