Service blueprint for hospital

Service Blueprint What is it? In its formal definition, a service is a value exchange between two or more people that occurs over time and across multiple touchpoints, including products, places, digital systems, and all forms of media. A service blueprint maps these touchpoints and describes how their tangible and intangible qualities affect how people feel and how much value they receive. How do I do it?

Service blueprint for hospital

Niche market strategy Managerial actions for service design or structural change[ edit ] Fine dining operations typically allow for increased divergence. Patrons can request special dishes, cooked to order, special ingredients or accompaniments The examination of service blueprints 'may suggest opportunities for product improvement that might be achieved by reconfiguring delivery systems, adding or deleting specific elements, or repositioning the service to appeal to other segments'.

Reducing divergence typically requires substituting equipment for labour, involving customers in self-service and introducing standardised operating procedures.

The outcome is uniformity which reduces costs and improves productivity. The vulnerability of this approach is that it reduces customisation and flexibility. Increasing divergence results is effectively a niche market strategy.

Higher levels of customisation and flexibility require significant investments in human resources, recruitment and training all of which adds to costs. The approach usually involves a shift towards the prestige market segment and requires access to customers who are willing to pay a premium for customised services.

The vulnerability of increased divergence is that processes are more difficult to manage, control and distribute. Reduced complexity usually involves a specialisation strategy. As steps are removed from the process, the service firm concentrates on a narrower range of offerings.

Examples include an obstetrician, radiologist. The advantage of this approach is that the service provider can develop high levels of expertise and that distribution and control are facilitated. The vulnerability of this approach is that it exposes the service firm to risk, especially if competitors continue to offer the convenience of full-service alternatives.

Increased complexity is the service-product development option i. Under this option, the service firm has an increased opportunity to maximise the revenue generated from each customer. The vulnerability inherent in this approach is that the firm's market positioning may become confused.

Managing a broader array of products may also expose the firm to risks of spreading its effort too thin to the detriment of overall service quality. Managerial actions for improvements to operational efficiency[ edit ] While blueprints draw attention to operational deficiencies, the blueprint, per se, cannot suggest solutions.

In order to identify potential solutions to operating problems, the analyst must examine the service process and consider the factors that are likely to cause the problem.

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In addition, the range of possible solutions may be constrained by organisation's mission, current market position and access to resources. A very substantial body of marketing literature has addressed the question of possible solutions to problems identified through blueprinting.

It is difficult to do justice to the wealth of studies using blueprints to gain managerial insights. A short summary of key managerial actions follows: Most fast food outlets use clearly articulated systems to process customers seamlessly.

The blueprint is designed to support volume operations while allowing customers some flexibility to customise the offering Standardize Procedures Variable performance in service delivery is largely attributable to inseparability and human factors. Even in the back office, lack of standardisation can indirectly influence the customer process.

In many organisations employees chose their own systems for storing files. When employees were absent, substitutes sometimes found it hard to figure out where files were stored, so the process of retrieving files was delayed. Production-lining — The production-line approach utilises a combination of hard and soft technologies to facilitate production, standardise procedures and minimise deviations arising from human error.

This approach is typically characterised by simplification of tasks, clear division of labour and low levels of employee latitude.

Standards may include specifying the scripts for a technically correct performance, prescribing a uniform or dress code for employees, codifying operating procedures.

Wherever possible, standards should include measurable components.Blueprint Community Health Profiles are organized by Vermont Hospital Service Area (a slightly different designation that the Blueprint Health Service Areas, which .

SERVICE BLUEPRINT FOR HOSPITAL Service Blueprint Service blueprinting is defined as a tool for simultaneously depicting the service. process, the points of customer contact, and the evidence of the service from the customer’s point of view.

Service blueprint for hospital

Service blueprint for hospital essays. Service blueprint for hospital essays.

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4 stars based on 38 reviews Essay. Road accident story essay meaning our consumer society essay paper essayiste journaliste patrick lieutenant scheisskopf analysis essay, essay on. This is the service blueprint of Columbia Asia Hospital, Mysore. This was created as part of an academic project.

This shows how the service is being delivered.

Service blueprint for hospital

Service Blueprint Service blueprinting is defined as a tool for simultaneously depicting the service process, the points of customer contact, and the evidence of the service from the customer’s point of view. The proposed blueprint allows for a quantitative description of critical service elements, such as time, logical sequences of actions and processes, also specifying [ ].

Service Blueprint Service blueprinting is defined as a tool for simultaneously depicting the service process, the points of customer contact, and the evidence .

Service blueprint for hospital essays