Study on maruti 800 essay

The hatchback has been brought into the market with huge buzz and wide speculation that in its first quarter, it had a booking of around 31, vehicles. It is very interesting to learn and know how this brand Swift has been built.

Study on maruti 800 essay

Products pass through all activities of the chain in order and at each activity the product gains some value. The goal of these activities is to offer the customer a level of value that exceeds the cost of the activities so that the company can charge a premium price for the product hereby resulting in a profit margin.

The primary value chain activities which are used in MUL are: In order to improve quality and generate economies of scale, MUL has reduced the number of vendors of components in India from as of March 31, to about as in By lowering the time and cost involved in dealing with more vendors, they have increased their supply chain efficiencies In case of repair and replacements, costs of defective components supplied are borne by the vendor oQuality aspect — Periodic vendor quality system audits are conduct in order to ensure that quality standards are sustained.

To assist small and medium vendors in achieving ISO certification, in MUL adopted a cluster approach wherein vendors are grouped together, are trained in quality management and are assisted in obtaining ISO certification.

This cluster approach was extended to helping vendors attain QS certification. These has helped in reducing both inventory levels and lead times required for the supply of various components and sub-assemblies, and enable the vendors to more efficiently plan and dispatch their products.

This helps in reducing the costs of production, which also reduces the costs of the components being required by MUL. The raw materials used in the manufacturing process primarily comprise steel coils and paints. In recent years, MUL is increasingly trying to localize the purchases of steel coils with a view to reduce cost.

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This is the processes of transforming inputs into finished products and services. Maruti is one of the largest passenger car manufacturing facilities of Suzuki outside Japan.

The Manesar facilities, launched in February comprise a vehicle assembly plant with a capacity ofunits per year and a Diesel Engine plant with an annual capacity ofengines and transmissions.

Manesar and Gurgaon facilities have a combined capability to produce overunits annually. They focus on elimination of wasteful activities taking place during manufacturing processes through the Maruti production system, or MPS, which is derived from the Suzuki production system.

Study on maruti 800 essay

In addition to MPS activities, in-house automation, increasing utilization of production lines, outsourcing of low value-addition jobs and reduction in materials handling have contributed to improvements in the productivity of their employees and the overall efficiency of their operations.

Maruti involved various component suppliers in Challenge Key vendors in collaboration undertook productivity improvement programs with experts from Suzuki.

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Maruti started implementing new manufacturing techniques and various value analysis and value engineering initiatives. This involves all the process in warehousing and distribution of finished goods.

To reach the customers, Maruti has built a strong sales network of outlets spread over towns and cities. They provide maintenance support to customers through workshops spread over towns and cities.

This involves identification of customer needs and the generation of sales. It is also finding ways to increase dealer profits without impacting Maruti getting into auto insurance was one such way. Besides, it had come out with an exchange bonus of Rs 5, on these vehicles. The down payment was fixed at Rs 40, They offered a lower rate of interest for teachers under the scheme.

Teachers got a car loan at 8. InMUL came out with a toy car advertisement that became popular for its simplicity and straightforward message.

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The advertisement depicted a child playing with a toy car. The petrol never finishes. The family angle was played up in that ad. It is a market place for used Maruti Vehicles. One can buy, sell or exchange used Maruti vehicles with the help of this service in India.

Under the TrueValue scheme, designated engineers from Maruti at the TrueValue outlets conduct a point quality check for every vehicle that comes for sale. Cars bought at the TrueValue outlets are refurbished at authorised workshops using the latest equipment.

Another comfort for a buyer at the TrueValue outlet is that only genuine parts are used at these workshops. MUL offer a two-year warranty on all the vehicles at the time of sale. The dealers are required to address any claim made by a customer, in accordance with practices and procedures prescribed by MUL, under the provisions of the warranty in force at that time.

The dealers subsequently claim the warranty cost from MUL.This research paper is purely based on secondary data and tries to study the different strategies of Maruti Suzuki, its vast network of dealers and service centers which provides proper after sale service and is able to maintain good relationship with customer which is their strongest point.

Maruti has been the leader on the sales list. The objective of this paper is to critically analyse the market mix of Maruti which is a product from the existing company Maruti Suzuki, study the market of Maruti car and to develop marketing plan for the Maruti car add-on features.

Fukuoka | Japan Fukuoka | Japan. Comparative Study of Maruti Suzuki & Hyundai Motors; Comparative Study of Maruti Suzuki & Hyundai Motors. Majority of the customers of Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai motors are satisfied with the vehicle they have purchased.

A very small proportion of them are not satisfied with the vehicle when asked about their dissatisfaction most of them. Maruti Value Chain. Let us write you a custom essay sample on ##customtitle## o`Do ka Chaar’ offer for existing two-wheeler owners who can use their motorcycle as the down payment to take home a Maruti oTeacher Plus The company has launched a .

The famous Maruti is the model that provided a new definition to the automobile industry of India. The model helped in making the dream come true for many who wanted to own a car. Sitemap